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If you are going to spend the money getting away from your everyday life, make sure to plan the fine details like transportation. Getting from one point to the next should not be a hassle or a matter of logistics; it should be part of the fun. Whether you are lucky enough to live in these wonderful cities or are vacationing, we help to take care of it all.

Prom Party Bus

Start your party when you step off the plane

we will take care of it all, from trip itineraries to favorite vacation hot spots. And since we have insider knowledge, we can recommend where to go to have the time of your life.

It is your special night and you want to build memories that will last forever, so make them full of luxury and opulence. Our party buses are all custom-built to suit your every whim.

And we also take care of all the little details so you can sit back and enjoy. Coolers filled with ice, a state-of-the-art sound system, and your best friends are awaiting you at Coastal Party Bus.

Take Your Party on the Road

Nothing can bring down a good time seeing the sights of an amazing city like Savannah more than having to worry about how to get around. Our party bus driver is your guide - not just to go from one bar to the next, but also to show you things that you might not have considered.

Want to watch the sunset and get your feet wet in the ocean? We got you. Want to hit the golf course and then follow it up with a night on the town? You got it!

Our mission is to make sure your dreams are fulfilled, by taking care of all the minute details that can put a damper on the fun. When you hop on board, we make sure that it is a celebration you will never forget.

Savannah Party Bus

You Won’t Wait on Us — We Will be Waiting on You!

We don’t mind dropping you off, waiting, and then taking you to the next destination. Just give us your list of places, and we will make it happen. At Coastal Party Bus, you won’t ever be standing around waiting for one of our drivers. We will always be waiting for you, with ice and a built-in bar to stock, a luxury ride, and a driver whose sole purpose is to make your evening amazing.

We provide those, too! Our team is always ready to throw out suggestions and to share hidden hot spots that only locals know of. Whether you have a set plan or you want someone to set some plans — the night is all yours to do what you want from start to finish.
Coastal Party Bus is like a celebration on wheels. Our mission is to ensure that you have the best time not just at your special event or special occasion, but that getting there is half – if not all – the fun! All of our buses are custom-designed and built for luxury, spaciousness, and maximum comfort!